Raised vegetable garden kits for a no dig garden

In todays Hi-Tech busy life style here's a little ray of sunshine: Get a Pete's No Dig Garden Kit into your backyard, courtyard or anywhere you have an area 1.2m x 1.2m or 1.2m x 2.4m  with at least 4 hours sunlight.  Then begin to watch your vegies growing skyward, knowing full well the juicy succulent produce your family is eating is pure as the sunlight itself.

What´s in the kit?

ACQ Arsnic Free treated pine eco sleepers

Small Kit 1.2mx1.2m
Large Kit 2.4mx1.2m
Organic Lucerne Mulch
Organic Lucerne Mulch
Organic Sugar cane Mulch
Organic Sugar cane Mulch
Good old chook poo
Good old chook poo
Super planting soil
Super planting soil
Screws Seed Raising Mix

Seed tray

Tomato seeds

Lettuce seeds

Parsley seeds


Both raised vegetable garden kits come with pre drilled eco friendly sleepers and easy assembly instructions, all you'll need to grow your organic home grown vegies, herbs. Its that easy. There is nothing more you'll need, its all in the kit.

What a great gift for someone you love

Small Kit $139 plus del complete with a bow.

Large Kit $239 plus del complete with a bow.

March Special Free top up kit with every kit sold NSW only.

So give us a call or email.