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"We recently purchase 2 Pete's No Dig Veggie gardens from Pete at the ABC Gardening Show in Sydney, and my wife Janette  and I are more than satisfied with the end result. We have never had any luck with growing our own vegetables until now! we now are able to go out every day and get many different vegies from our own garden, and the taste and quality is far superior to anything you may buy commercially.Each garden comes with everything you need and all you then have to do is follow the simple instructions and then buy the veggie plants or seeds and in a short time you have all you need."

Chris & Janette Denison
Wilberforce NSW

Our Students at Karuah Public School were so enthusiastic about putting the No-Dig Garden Bed Kits into place. The great part is that students can see immediate results from their  work. The beds are quick and easy to put together and within a matter of a few lessons, we were growing edible plants! In particular, being in a school environment, we could erect these beds anywhere there was sufficient sun- even on cement if you had to!. To show the children that food can be grown just about anywhere with a minimum of fuss was really satisfying.

Felicity, Karuah Public School.

To all

Peter offered our school a chance to have one of his No Dig gardens, we jumped at the chance. Peter completely installed our new No Dig garden & filled it with compost & plants. The kids have been enjoying fresh herbs & vegetables & flowers for an entire year & we are replacing the ones we harvest all the time with new seedlings. The kids find it easy to look after & enjoy its clean chemical free produce.

Thank you Campvale Landscape Garden Supplies for an excellent product.

Gene Kelly.

Environmental coordinator.

Grahamstown PS

Hi Pete,

My 3 garden beds are situated in my front yard under a very large turpentine tree. The tree had it difficult for me to keep anything alive as it would suck any moisture and fertility out of the soil and whatever was planted under it.

As you can see the vege beds with weed mat lining them are doing very well. The left and right beds consist of Rainbow Spinach around the edge with Golden Nugget pumpkins growing in the middle.The middle bed, what i call my dessert bed, has a blueberry plant in the middle, two dwarf lemon trees at each end and rhubarb on the left and right of the bed.

When I purchased my beds i also brought one for my father for Father's Day. It too has also been very productive with cucumbers, radish, carrots, lettuce, spinach and the like. Regards kelly.

Well Kelly what  fantastic gardens you have, from an area that nothing would grow to this.  Cheers Pete.

My sweet corn this season is the best ever,2 or 3 sweet juicy fresh cobbs on each plant, the flavour is unreal butter, salt, sweet chilli sauce wrapp them in foil straight on the Barby turning a couple of times yummy and good for you too.

Peter, Campvale NSW.

Dear Peter, it is looking great even with the helpful heavy hand of my grandson. Ann.

Hi Pete, The gardens going great guns- i am growing what everyone calls "freak" basil due to the size of the leaves, thyme, chives, chilli, mint,borage and two types of parsley all thriving.

I regularly give away herb bouquets to neighbours, friends and family.

A few days after we built the garden, a banded blue-tongue lizard turned up (must have been the smell) pretty soon after that we discovered he had a female mate. In Marrickville! Cheers, Amelia.

I contacted Elizabeth from the Central Coast to see how her two large gardens were going.Not much Pete she  said been to busy with work etc, although a couple of weeks later she sent me some photos with more  to come when in full production. Good on you, Liz and hubby.


The sun is out its getting warmer time to top up your garden and get planting, i did one of mine yesterday ready for the picking. Planted tomatoes, capsicum, parsley,basil, lettuce, and  chilli, and i know they will be totally fresh and organic.

Come on send me your pics. Cheers Pete.



Thanks to Shea from Bobs Farm Public School, they now have two large Pete's No Dig Gardens, one for each class to grow some veges and herbs. Thanks Shea and keep in touch. I'm only a phone call away, 0408108915.

I was invited to speek at the Lemon Tree Garden Club on the 7th March at Tanilba Bay. I'd like to thank Barbara and the members for making me very welcome and I wasn't expecting the lovely plant they gave me. Thank you to all.

Hi all just put 8 gardens into Medowie Christian School have helped them  top up the gardens.  They are having an open day soon, I will take some photos at the open day, cheers, Pete.

Looks like the word is getting round, Medowie Public School is putting one garden bed for each of there fithteen class rooms. I have offered to help them set up with the first few beds.