The No Dig Garden Kit has been trialed for a number of years with unbelievable high yields. You will be amazed at how easy it is to grow your own produce at home. Some of the benefits:

  • Low maintenance
  • Minimal weeding
  • Saves on water and fertilizer

Take control of the food you eat - GROW YOUR OWN!

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Just what you've always wanted...a fertile garden bed with no digging at all.It involves an easy no fuss, garden solution for layering clean, organic materials that will literally compost around your plants as they grow. The kits contain everything you need to grow your vegies, herbs, flowers, etc. Straight from your garden to your dinner table!

Pete's No Dig Garden is built on top of the ground, so you can place the garden anywhere. This makes it extremely attractive for those sites that have poor soil or are weed infested. It's also a great method of gardening for those that can't or don't want to dig a garden bed as it can be put on to any flat, sunny surface - concrete, grass, etc.

Pete's No Dig Garden uses successive sowing of plants to make sure you have on-going crops of vegies, herbs or flowers - you will be removing the plants as you haverst. Alternatively you can use seedlings from your local nursery planted directly into your organic pile. Simply pull back the surface and plant your seedlings into the rich compost.You'll find it easy work with Pete's No Dig Garden.

* Easy to set up

* Requires very low maintenance

* Saves on water and fertilisers

* Takes up only a small space if you have limited room

* Minimum need for weeding

* Gives the kids an interest outdoors

* Shown in trials to have unbelievably high yields

* Save $! You'll be amazed what 1 kit can produce!


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ACQ, Treated Pine. This is the new, safer type of treated pine that everyone can use with peace of mind, it has just one drawback right now. Normally its hard to find, sometimes very hard or impossible to find.

But not hard to find in a PETE'S NO DIG GARDEN KIT. We always use this type of sleeper in all our raised garden kits.

Winter has just finished and look at my garden already.

With summer in full swing, anyone for sweet juicy tomatoes?

I think my parsleys taken over, make sure you keep it under control by cutting it back.

Top Up Procedure Go to top

After the end of a growing season you will need to top up your garden with manure and mulch again, basically follow the same procedure the first time you set up your new garden. When all the plants have finished producing.

1- Pull them all out.

2- Loosen up the remaining soil left in your garden bed.

3- Sprinkle a light cover of chicken or cow manure (about 10lts for a large 2.4x 1.2 bed) and water in.

4- Spread a layer of lucerne mulch about 50mm thick and water down.

Follow this procedure untill it is topped up, level with the sleepers. Normally you'll need about two layers of each after a growing season, I also like to put Sugar Cane mulch on top for the top layer I've found it dosn't attract flies or snails.

5- When planting your new sedlings, make a small pocket and fill with a handfull of some sort of planting soil to give your seedings a good start untill the mulch and manure breaks down around your plants.

I do have a Top Up Kit. Which consists of 1 large bale lucerne mulch, 1 small bale Sugar Cane mulch, 1 bag Poultry Manure, 1 bag Super Soil.

But only deliver these to Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Sydney areas for $50. HAPPY GARDENING.

Cheers, Pete.


The sun is out its getting warmer time to top up your garden and get planting, i did one of mine yesterday ready for the picking. Planted tomatoes, capsicum, parsley,basil, lettuce, and  chilli, and i know they will be totally fresh and organic.

Come on send me your pics. Cheers Pete.



Thanks to Shea from Bobs Farm Public School, they now have two large Pete's No Dig Gardens, one for each class to grow some veges and herbs. Thanks Shea and keep in touch. I'm only a phone call away, 0408108915.

I was invited to speek at the Lemon Tree Garden Club on the 7th March at Tanilba Bay. I'd like to thank Barbara and the members for making me very welcome and I wasn't expecting the lovely plant they gave me. Thank you to all.

Hi all just put 8 gardens into Medowie Christian School have helped them  top up the gardens.  They are having an open day soon, I will take some photos at the open day, cheers, Pete.

Looks like the word is getting round, Medowie Public School is putting one garden bed for each of there fithteen class rooms. I have offered to help them set up with the first few beds.


Strawberries are a favourite of mine to grow in my no dig garden,they grow so quickly in all the rich mulch. Just cut a piece of plastic and place under the plant, to keep the fruit unmarked and looking perfect.

  • Make sure you keep your garden bed topped up with layers of manure and mulch.
  • Don't over water your garden bed.

These are the sweet potatoes from Josh's garden he just picked, not bad from one plant. He thinks he is the master spud grower now. He put one garden on top of the other, to give the extra depth.

GROWING TIP. If you have a rabbit problem, sprinkle some Blood and Bone over the garden bed. It really will stop the rabbits eating your veges.